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Knowledge About Gold

EION Fundamental Programme (EFP)

Back-to-basic programme that is open for everyone, anywhere and anytime. Through this programme, you will learn the most practical and compact concepts needed for you to master the gold investment fundamentals. Subscribe now to access fun facts about gold. Master the basics in just 24 hours at your own pace using your device of choice at your convenience. 

EION Development Programme 2.0 (EDP 2.0)

Exclusively designed by industry experts, EDP2.0 is a level-up programme that equips you with essential knowledge, necessary technical skills and insights about the factors influencing gold to become a pro in the industry. You will also get access to an exclusive community where you can engage with like-minded individuals about updates and trends in the gold industry. 

With EDP 2.0, you can grab the opportunity to generate a passive income while at the same time be your clients’ go-to person on anything about gold.

EION Conceptual Programme (ECP)

Wondering how you can start investing in gold and which product you easily can add to your portfolio? ECP is designed to help you make a clear and informed decision about gold investment and gold products. ECP deep dives on how your gold investment can work for you and which product will best suit your current capabilities and preferences.

EION AIM Strategy 

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” Michael Porter  

Through the AIM strategy, we will show you how you can turn opportunities into a win-win situation by giving you leads about your entry and exit points and by teaching you how you can get your assets double in profit.

Affiliate Empowerment

EION Affiliate Programme (EAP)

A set of chapters that delivers to you the best programmes for your “GOLD-balization” journey as you build a strong sustainable second source of income. EAP is a continuous learning programme that equips you with a wide variety of resources and tools as you venture together with EION Management in gold investment. Your success is our priority.

EION Unlimited Leads Systems (EULS)

Discover the secret to unlock the potential to unlimited leads generation that will catapult your gold investment journey to a brand new level by tapping into Google while leveraging on the support & system of EION Management – all virtually without the need for a face-to-face meet up with your prospective clients.

Leadership Empowerment

EION Leadership Programme (ELP)

“Coming soon!”

Advance level of leadership enhancement training courses exclusively designed for your personal growth and development.

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